Braces for the Wrists and Knees Provide Stability and Support

People with carpal tunnel syndrome may be able to avoid having surgery with the use of a wrist brace or splint. These devices support the wrist and hold the arm and the lower hand in a better position to prevent strain. Mueller braces and supports are available to help anyone dealing with this painful disorder who is hoping to stay out of the operating room.

About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by pain in the wrist as well as pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand. It can become so uncomfortable the person has trouble using that hand without experiencing significant pain or weakness. The discomfort may wake the person up during sleep because of how the arm and hand is positioned.

This disorder typically develops because of repetitive strain related to work or hobbies. The median nerve becomes irritated and inflamed. The condition is relatively common in men and women who type on a keyboard or use a mouse during most of their work hours. Some healthcare workers also are more vulnerable to the problem, such as dental hygienists and ultrasound technicians.

Wrist braces can be purchased in drugstores and in the pharmacy departments of big-box stores, but buying one from a supplier such as Mueller Sports Medicine guarantees a higher-quality product. Many people are familiar with this particular supplier because of its knee braces and supports that are used by professional and amateur athletes to prevent injury and help the knee heal after an injury.

Knee Injuries in Athletics

A large number of athletic activities can lead to knee injuries, but the most common occurrence is an excessive strain on the joint while pivoting. The person bends the joint too far in one direction while turning to throw, hit, or catch a ball or when dodging an opponent. Tendonitis, as well as tendon and meniscus tears, may occur. Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, range from relatively minor to severe.

Fans of professional football and basketball are accustomed to seeing players wearing braces on their knees. Football can be particularly hazardous for this part of the body since players are running, turning, twisting, jumping, landing, and being thrown to the ground.

Athletes and Carpal Tunnel Problems

Athletes who concentrate on certain sports also can develop carpal tunnel syndrome because of the continuous or frequent pressure on the wrists during practice and performance. Cyclists, for instance, can begin experiencing wrist pain and hand numbness. So can tennis players, golfers, and gymnasts. Wearing support braces can help.



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